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Brazil Deals – 1968 Willys Itamaraty

Brazil, São Paulo –  This is an once in a life time opportunity to ride as a legitimate brazilian diplomat. As right now a 1968 Willys Itamaraty is for sale at Reginaldo de Campinas website, a car dealer in Brazil famous for its collection of low miled classics and salty prices. This 9000 km model asking price is 149.000 Brazilian Real or 45.705 US dollars. It is completely original, inclusive with out of factory tires (which are obviously expired).

For this tag price you will take home a 3 litre 6 cylinder Jeep origin engine which produced 132 hp (when new), taking the car to a top speed of 155 km/h (97 mph). All-leather black interior, jacarandá wooden dashboard, complete instruments, air conditioning, radio and a complete tools set.

History – The Itamaraty was the top version of the Aero Willys, a sedan produced by Willy Overland Brazil and Ford between 1960 and 1972.

The Aero Willys was an american project, based on Jeep Willys components and discontinued over there for low acceptance. In the United States it was know as Aero-Ace, Aero-Eagle, Aero-Wing and Bermuda. All models used Jeep’s platform, suspension and steering, making it a hard ride as you can imagine. Willys Overland Brazil brought the assembly tools and started local production in 1960.


In 1961 Willys Overland Brazil decided to completely redesign the Aero Willys project and turn it into an international model. It first appeared in the 1962 Paris Motor Show, with monoblock frame, 110 hp and a new design. Launched next year, 1963, it was the first American Latina completely projected automobile.


The success was so big, in Brazil, that in 1966 a luxury version was launched: the Itamaraty. Named after the Brazilian Ministry of External Relations building, it was also known as “Palace on wheels”. On the next year the first factory production limousine produced in Brazil was launched being called Itamaraty Executivo. To differentiate from the Aero, the Itamaraty had a new cromed front grill, totally circular headlights,  new tail-lights, leather interior, wooden dashboard and as optional air con.


In 1967 the engine displacement grew to 3.104 cm3 increasing the power to 132hp. It also received a new grill, new front and back headlights, new trims and the “Itamaraty” logo applied on the C pilars (This is the year-model announced for sale).

By 1968, Willys Overland Brazil was bought by Ford. There was an attempt to fit a Ford 302 V8 but the car just couldn’t handle the extra power. Sales declined year after year, until finally, in 1971, Ford announced the production was going to end. It survived a extra year, when finally,  in 1972 the last Aero and Itamaratys left assembly line.

So, is this piece of brazilian history worth 46 of your thousand dollars?

Follow the link to see more pictures and find more brazilian classics: Reginaldo de Campinas. Forgot to mention, it says 1968 but I am pretty sure it is a 1967.

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