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Roger Moore – 007 Cars – A Tribute

Today is a sad day for James Bond’s fans, Sir Roger Moore passed away at the age of 89. We list here Bond cars he used in his movies as a tribute to his memories. Thank you Sir!

1973 – Live and Let Die

1947 AEC Regent III – Not what you would expect for Roger Moore’s first ride as 007 but a true spy can drive anything with an engine.

1974 – The Man with the Golden Gun

1974 AMC Hornet –  On the first film I’m quite sure Chevrolet was sponsoring it, now it is time for AMC (unfortunately for James). Stolen directly from a showroom in Bangkok it is used by James to chase villain Scaramanga. It becomes famous for the famous spiral jump stunt. At least the top version had a rear wheel 6 litre V8… with 175bhp.

Don’t ask me about the bizarre whistle sound effect…

Flying AMC Matador Coupe – Not Bond’s though, it is Villain Scaramangas’. It is still ugly as hell but at least it flies.

1977 – The Spy who Loved Me

1976 Lotus Esprit S1 “submarine” – Finally redemption! A car James Bond worthy! Elected one of the best Bond cars, just after the DB5, it comes with torpedos, surface-to-air missiles and underwater mines. Originally it came with a 5-speed manual 2 litre 4 cylinder 160 bhp.

1979 Moonraker

I am having a hard time with this one. Accept suggestions!

1981 For your eyes only

1980/81 Lotus Esprit Turbo – Lotus are back! Not so quite… The white is used first by James on the movie, not involved in any car chase, ends up exploding. The red or bronze one is his substitute and appears briefly in 4 scenes. A real pitty… this time they come with a turbocharged 210hp reaching 152 mph (252 kph).

1983 Octopussy

Bajaj RE – Not a Bond car, but certainly fun! And perfect for a car chase scene, or better, a Tuc-Tuc chase scene.

1985 A View to a Kill 

Renault 11 – The image speaks for itself.  Bravo!

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